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House Of 100 Spirits

A Theory that has been steadily gaining acceptance in paranormal research is the idea that throughout the world there are places where the veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead is thin. Due to these ‘portals’ it is believed that supernatural entities can come and go at will.

Many in the paranormal community believe that portals can be naturally occurring; Sedona Arizona and Glastonbury, England are believed to be two such places. All manner of supernatural activity is said to occur here, everything from higher levels of consciousness to witnessing visitations by otherworldly beings. Generally, the reports are quite positive. However not all portals share such positive reports.

The second kind portal it is believed, are opened by practitioners of the magical arts. Their purpose bringing primal spiritual forces, into our world for their own personal gain. And either by mistake or design these portals are left open giving free range to any and all spirit energies.

The following is a true account of an investigation I conducted when I briefly worked for a large paranormal group. I personally believe that a portal was open in this home and the spirits that came through kept this poor family in fear. Names have been changed to protect the witnesses.

In December of 2009, the founder and lead investigator of the group received a telephone call from a very frightened man. We’ll call him, ‘George.’ George reported that his large home in Waukegan, Illinois was infested by an indeterminate number of ghosts. George further explained that these entities seemed to focus much of their attention on his 87 year old mother. George also believed that one of the spirits was his father who, in life, was not a good person

After listening intently to the client, the lead, asked George if his mother suffered from dementia. Dementia being common among people of such advanced age and features some very powerful hallucinations. George assured the lead that his mother was of sound mind. Showing no signs of the debilitating illness.

After talking with the client, believing him to be a credible witness, took the case. The Lead believed that the house might be a portal to the other side. And he was determined to help in any way he could.

When we entered George’s home and met the family, I was immediately struck by the terror and exhaustion that registered on their faces. Clearly they had experienced something that far exceeded their understanding of the natural world. Simply put, it scared the hell out of them. After unloading our gear and setting up base we immediately went to work.

That night I was paired with Diana, a seasoned investigator and one of the original members of the group. Our first location that we would investigate would be a bedroom on the second floor. The bedroom was inhabited by George’s mother, the elderly matriarch of the family.

As we entered the room, we could both tell that we were not alone. The very environment felt thick and charged with what could only be described as an unnatural energy. Something unseen and unfriendly was with us. Something that would soon make it’s presence known.

After a few moments of getting a feel for the room, Diana laid an EMF meter on the bed and I laid my voice recorder next to it. Diama then called out, “My name is Diana and this is Rick.”

I nodded and said, “Hello.”

“Is there some one in this room with us?” And just as Diana finished her question the lights of the meter sprang to life, it’s lights flashing.

“Good” Diana responded with a smile. “Now we can have a conversation.”

” Are you a man?” I asked and we both watched in wonder as the lights on the meter began to flash once more.

“Are you a former resident?” Diana asked, this time the lights stayed dull. We looked at each other, I then asked, “Are you stil with us?” At my question the lights lit up. If this was a spirit not associated with the house, who was he? And why was he here? This and many other questions would be answered as the night progressed.

As Diana and I were wrapping up our investigation of the bedroom the lead’s voice came over the hand held radio, “Diana, Rick?”

“Yes.” Diana responded.

“Can you too come to the basement?” The lead paused and then said,” I have a special assignment.” Diana and I looked at each other wondering what a “special assignment. The lead had a strange sense of humour. However, when the boss calls you run.

When we got to the basement, a large space that ran the length and width of the house, we found the lead and two other investigators standing outside the door of s dark room. Victoria, a medium who enjoyed the tech side of ghost hunting, stopped and said with a grin, “You guys are really going to like this.” She then walked away but turned back and said, “Especially Diana.”

We turned to the lead and he said as he looked into the darkened room, “Victoria and Jessica were just in here. Victoria felt a strong male presence enter the room and Jessica claims she felt a large hand grab her butt. I need the two of you to spend some time in here and see if it happens again.” We nodded in unison and closed the door.

After closing the door, we set our equipment on a small bench that sat in the corner.

“So, I understand that you like grabbing women’s butts. Is this true? “When I finished asking my question the lights on the KII meter began to flash. I was about to ask another when Diana said, “Look here, pal, are you some kind of pervert? Answer him.” I looked at Diana and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to provoke a response.” She replied. Provoking is a method I do not care for. Oftentimes it’s crude and can cause problems. Provoking is bad news.

After a few minutes of listening to Diana and her increasingly rude line of questioning. I suddenly felt what only is described as a hand slapping me on the forehead.

“Oh what the f$&k?” I yelled out.

“Are you ok?” Diana asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

“No” I sharply replied, “It felt like someone slapped my head.”

When we exited the room the lead and Victoria were standing outside the door. Victoria gasped and asked me if I was ok. “No” I replied, “Something hit me.” The lead brought me to a mirror that was hanging in the basement and told me to look. On my forehead was what looked like the handprint of a human hand?

“Son of a bitch!” I blurted as I inspected the mark on my forehead. All I could was, Diana provokes and I get punished.

“I need a smoke” I said angrily and walked up the stairs and out the door.

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent. Rick began writing for Paranormal Underground magazine in May 2009, and a year later he became co-host of Paranormal Underground Radio.