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More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead

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More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead

After reading Tricia’s first book ‘Things You Can Do When You’re Dead’ of which this is a follow on, I knew that if this her second book was anything like the first book, then I was in for a treat and boy I was not to be disappointed. Again this book is packed to the rafters with many stories of ghostly and paranormal phenomena, a book that you simply don’t want to put down. It is both gripping on case files as it is with pure astonishment that things of this nature can happen. But happen they do and as the reader reads through the book they can clearly see how wide and diverse paranormal phenomena really are.

In her introduction Tricia clearly states that this is not an old dusty tome of old cases but it deals with real life cases, emotions and in some cases humour she continues by saying that she is not out to trivialize the subject of Life after Death but to present the cold hard facts and show the reader that these events are normal. The book is written, she states, for those people who are not sure on what to believe about Life after Death and she hopes that the cases presented in this book will make people sit up and really look at this most astonishing of subjects. Tricia makes the valid point that just because something seems not to exist that that in itself doesn’t mean that it does not exist! Paranormal phenomena operate on a level which we currently don’t understand and yet many people the world over experience such things. Moreover, in regards to religion the findings of psychical research should add evidence to support that we all survive the grave. Tricia goes on to tell the reader that seven years before she fully got involved with paranormal research, she was credibly informed about a séance that was held at the Glasgow Association of Sprititualists in front of over 200 people. The late Gordon Higginson was the main attraction that night and his mediumistic abilities are still talked about today in British Spiritualist circles. The main reason for this was that Gordon brought forward, in full view of those 200 people, full body materializations including one of a lady’s dead father. Not only was he seen but he was heard by all (as well) as he began to speak to the daughter. Tricia gives all the facts of this wonderful communication. That event and a number of others drew Tricia’s attention and from there she set out on a journey of not only self discovery, but a journey that has seen her be a council member a past Vice President and immediate Past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. She has appeared on countless radio and television programmes dealing with the paranormal. She is also a gifted speaker and has spoken about the paranormal to many clubs and societies across Britain.

As I say, this book is jam packed with some sensational evidence of Life after Death and I would refer the reader of this review to go check out the Margaret Falconer case and if that doesn’t blow your socks off then you are not ready to comprehend the evidence which clearly dictates that not all is what it seems. Science is learning all the time, science never stands still and not to look at these amazing cases and turn our head away is not in keeping with mans’ search for knowledge. Some people feel uncomfortable with evidence of this nature it goes against the grain of their comprehension of life but look we must and what Tricia presents in this fine book is a good old slap in the face to skeptics with these wonderful paranormal cases. Trisha also looks at the work of other British paranormal researchers and mediums, researchers like Michael Roll and medium’s such as Mary Armour. The chapter on materialization is probably one of the best descriptive chapters of this ilk that I have ever read and brings together some of the best cases.

The chapter on Drop - in Communicators is most interesting as well. Drop in Communicators means that during a séance one would normally hear from relatives or friends who have passed on, but sometimes you get what is called ‘drop in communicators’ who nobody in the séance rooms knows but upon checking out the details they give, we find out that, hey, they really did live at this address and so on. In this chapter we learn about the sterling work by Dr Gauld on these cases. Check out the Biedermann
case and also the Harry Stockbridge case!

Tricia also takes a look at ‘Earthbound Spirits’ which refers to people who have passed to spirit but don’t really know (or accept) that they are dead and tend to hang around the Earth Plane trying to make their presence felt. She mentions that the Church of England have deliverance ministries who, from time to time, will attend to cases of this nature. These spirits may have unfinished business or have died in a confused state, these spirits clearly need help to move on and in this chapter on Earthbound Spirits there are some amazing cases of just that. Tricia also brings up an interesting fact that more spirits and paranormal events are seen and felt in old people’s homes than you would expect and again she presents a number of these.

Probably one of the most interesting chapters that I personally found in this book was the one on ‘Inspiration’ Where do we get our inspiration from to either write music, paint or build, does it truly come from ourselves, or could it be inspired from spirit? Now this does not seem as stupid as you may think, for even great men like Paul McCartney had a dream where a song was running around in his head whilst he was sleeping and when he woke up he wrote it down, that song was Yesterday. George Frederich Handel composed some great music which he believed came from elsewhere. Robert Louis Stevenson had dreams which when worked on, provided some wonderful things and so on. Tricia provides some great examples through history of people’s inspiration, (check out on Google composer Rosemary Brown)

There are chapters on Obsession, Possession and with the possession chapter examples are given which clearly show that the possessed person is not showing signs of what some might say a reincarnated personality but is being possessed by a discarnate entity, quite shocking really. Reincarnation is looked at and points are made as to the validity of some claims of actual reincarnation as opposed to some kind of Akashic record, a download if you like, that some people might be able to access and obtain information. Yes it can be heavy stuff but as a potential explanation it should still be looked at. There is something for everyone here in this fine book of which I have only scratched the surface. Hauntings of all description are given and cases on paranormal healing are also brought to bear, wow! Check them out they just blew me away (especially patient 9) I liked how Tricia summed up her chapter on paranormal healing, she states, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” and how right she is.

In the chapter Quantum Thinking, Tricia brings to bear the thoughts of current scientists and what they believe in regards to the paranormal. Quantum physics would seem to show us that there is so much to learn. Subatomic waves and particles may hold some of the answers and there have been some exciting discoveries over the past 20 odd years on this. We all want to know what happens after we die, don’t we? Well in her penultimate chapter on the afterlife, Trisha presents some incredible cases from people who have come back and told us what to expect. Astonishing stuff folks.

Look, here’s the rub folks I make no bones about it, I have read hundreds of books throughout my life on ghosts and the paranormal and no disrespect to my fellow researchers whose books I have also reviewed, this book for me, is most certainly the best book that I have ever read in my entire life dealing with the paranormal. Yes that’s right, it’s the best. How I wish that I had written this book! It is the Sergeant Pepper of paranormal books. Everything that you really need to open up your eyes to the paranormal is in here. All aspects of the paranormal are woven together meticulously to open up your mind and clear away any doubts that you might have that there are no such things as ghosts etc. I applaud this book, this book will make you sit up and challenge things. You’re world will never be the same again for this is the book that clearly shows that science is catching up to the fact that we all survive the grave. Beautiful book, wonderful book, an inspirational book. Get it now.


More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead AUTHOR: Tricia J. Robertson. PUBLISHER: White Crow Books, 3 Hova Villas, Hove, BN3 3DH United Kingdom. PRICE: £11:63. ISBN: 978-1-910121-44-3

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

I’ve been interested in the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and in 1979 I formed my own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). Since forming this society, I have moved down to Hastings in East Sussex where I have started up a sister branch to SPI, entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations England). SPI Scotland is now in the hands of a fellow researcher.