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My Ghost Story

When I was young and I’m talking about 6 months old we was one of the first people on our island to move into a brand new council house in the early 70’s it was number 64 and my bedroom was as big as our front room, I had that bedroom to myself until I was about 6, but I remember most was that I used to cry and cry for my mum to leave the bedroom light on and the landing light on! But if you remember the 70’s you will remember that 1, money was tight and 2, boys don’t cry! So no light left on, I couldn’t remember why I would cry I just remember that I did, I can only remember from when I was four!! And that’s when it all started for me

Four years old and sent to bed! I hated bed time, I was so scared of going to bed! I would plead, cry, throw a tantrum anything not to go, the reason for this I kept hearing strange noises that no one else heard and I kept seeing a little girl poking her head round the corner of my door frame. How could this be happening when only my mum and dad and brother lived in the house! As time went on the girl became more Brazen, from poking her head around the corner to coming in the room, at all times the girl never spoke, but it was like she could read my mind and I could read hers! Now I’m going from an ageing mind and I can’t remember her name but I do remember her telling me she was a ghost, yes ghost not spirit or energy but a ghost! Now I’m four and I have never heard of a ghost all I knew that a little girl used to come into my room at night and she was a ghost. I told my mum what was going on and you could probably guess her reaction, first I was asked who told me about ghosts? The little girl I replied, WACK went the hand across my backside for telling a lie, but I never changed my story, I was scolded many a time for bringing this up….... The little girl by this time used to sit on the end of my bed and would put thoughts into my head, she use to tell me that there is nothing to worry about and she was a friend and wasn’t going to hurt me, hay I was four and I was petrified

When I was four and had this all going on my dad left my mum ( which I knew was going to happen as this little girl told me ) my mum blamed me and my strange behaviour, water off a ducks back as I knew nothing of adult stuff! He was there and now he wasn’t that’s it, but a strange thing happened that day! I saw the little girl one more time after my dad left which was the next day, then she was gone, I was so happy as it scared me so much. Though this little girl never done me no harm it made petrified of dead time and the dark. She was gone and I was happy

My mum remarried when I was five, it’s not until you are older that you know this was planned, she wanted my dad out and her new man in and for the purposes of this story I will refer to him as Burt, he had three children already but they were teenagers when they moved in! They were not very nice, they hated my mum so they hated me and my brother also! The day they moved in the little girl I was so scared of was replaced by a very tall man who wore a black cape and a top hat! He would take up the whole doorway and block out any light from the landing, by this time my brother had been moved into my bedroom due to the lack of space and he use to see this too! He still clams to this day he has no psychic ability but he remembers seeing this figure, this man this very tall man would let himself known through dream state! This dream never changed it was the same dream every night until I was nine, it would start by me getting up walking across my bedroom, I always use to look back into my room and see myself sleeping in my bed, my brothers would be asleep also! I would walk out of my bedroom and as I came out I would be at the top of the stairs and I would turn and try and run to my mums room which was at the end of the landing, but I would only make half way! As I ran under our loft hatch I would be sucked up through the loft and end up in Victorian London, it was always foggy and the gas lamps would be dimly lit, I was standing on a wide cobbled street and also be standing next to this tall man with the close and hat! He would take my hand a lead me down this cobbled street, he would point to a house that was situated on the corner of the street, a big White House which it had wooden beams running round the house, it had iron railings going round it and he point and say I am thee ghost of ghosts that is my house and we are going in it.

Well I was not having any of that and I would brake free, this would make this tall man very angry and his face would change from a pale almost white face to a black angry face and I would run back down the cobbled street the way we came, as I would run past the street lamps the glass in them would shatter then I would be sucked back to the landing of my home and be at the top of the stairs once more, I would look round and see him coming from the loft hatch, so I would jump down the stairs and you know when you get that feeling of falling and just before you would hit the floor you would wake up? Well that’s what I did, and it worked, I would wake up in a cold sweat, I tried telling my mum and step dad but they didn’t believe me and every night until I was nine I would have this same replay of a dream.

Me personally thought that was enough, I don’t like it, I don’t want to see it I had had enough, but you never get what you want out of life and I started to see things outside my house, the one I remember the most is when walking through our Primary School with my brother one evening to go see my cousin who live at the other end we both saw two big dogs, thinking back they looked like two giant Irish wolf hounds with glowing eyes, but to me back then they were two big black dogs with glowing eyes and they were running at me and my brother full speed ahead! We both clung on to each other screaming thinking we were about to be eaten and the dogs run straight into us and disappeared, say no more we were on our toes and ran all the way to our cousins house and never mentioned it again!

So why was I seeing things? Why was this happening? It was a new estate, no one had died, it wasn’t until I was in my early teens that I knew the answer! We only lived 400 meters from 12th century Abbey and the ground that the houses were built on was apart of the Abbeys land, and on top of that which I never knew there used to be a work house built next to the Abbey!!

Now I said earlier that the dreams stopped at nine, the reason for this is my mum had remarried again and we moved, a few years earlier my Nan had died, I remember my step dad at the time coming up the stairs and I was in the bath and he walked in and said and I quote you this word for word, ” your Nan has died and it is your fault ” as you can imagine I was devastated for the fact first my nan died and secondly it was my fault, because I was such a naughty child it was me that killed her!! The reason I’m telling you this is that my nan comes into it later, so we moved, a nice area bigger house I had my own room and so did my brother, this step dad had no kids so it was great….... Until my Nan came to visit! Now I did probably what any other kid would do and that was to hide under my covers crapping myself, again I would tell my mum and again I would not be believed that my nan would come into my room and sit on my bed!

Now the only time my mum got freaked out was an incident with my brother! And to this day I smile because for the first time my mum believed, my brother was eleven and there was a big commotion going on in my brothers room, now let me explain about my brother, when he was six he fell off a 12ft fence and landed on his head and was in a comma for 14 days, when he awoke he talked with a stutter and was special needs, understandable! But on this night when he was eleven he sat bolt right up and started to speak fluent French, of course I couldn’t understand it but my mum could, and my brother was telling her in French that he was a 15 year old drummer boy in the French army…. The next day my brother has no recollection of this and thought he had just slept though the night, ha ha my mum was spooked I loved that fact because of all the times I was spooked she dismissed it, this she couldn’t this happened a few times then stopped and that was that, but every time it happened my mum would be come more scared.

Look I was no Angel growing up, if trouble happened you would find me right in the middle of it, my mum don’t do emotional stuff, so I found my own family with friends, so I use to get in all kinds of trouble and at 13 I was kicked out, only for a short period of time a few months but then I was aloud back home! Still my nan visited and I still hid under the covers every night, at 15 I was kicked out for good, no coming back, well I found out that her 3rd husband was cheating on her and moved into my room! Hence why I was thrown out as you wouldn’t want to share the same room as someone who was cheating on you! But the best magical, wondrous thing happened, she saw my nan, her mum sitting on the end of my bed! Tee hee, now she believes, one thing living on the streets taught me was how to block things out, and I learned mostly to block out ghost, energies and wot not I still saw every now and then but I ignored it, I use to sleep at the back of the graveyard as everyone thought it was haunted, it weren’t but because people thought it was I was left in peace and the only danger I suffered was winter

As I grew up I understood a few things and learned a few this too, I didn’t kill my Nan she died from cancer and I honestly believe that she was visiting me to tell me it wasn’t my fault, I worked in security for over 20 years and I have been in some buildings that are so haunted you wouldn’t even find the most Hardened ghost hunter in these buildings, so my journey began in the paranormal, not by choice at the time, but it is now, I love connecting with spirit and passing on messages, investigating buildings.

But now I’m older and have children of my own and in fact my daughters friend moved into the house next to number 64 she keeps seeing the spirit of a little girl, I hope it’s the same one as me

The reason for sharing this with you is if your child keeps telling you they are seeing and hearing things try not to just dismiss it, try to understand, even if you think it’s a mental health issue, be understanding and help all you can, because for me.

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Reverend Simon and Vicky Hughes are a husband and wife team that have 20 years’ experience of working in the paranormal industry between them, they met while working in a haunted location together, and they travel up and down the Up working with Chris Conway’s mystical ghost hunts team as they are active mediums within this group