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K2 Meters and the Paranormal

Not so long ago, I had a lively debate with someone on a paranormal investigation about the use of an Ouija board. He was basically laughing at the people using the board and saying it wasn’t a serious way of investigating the paranormal. He then produced his very own K2 meter and proceeded to tell me that this was a much more scientific way to approach things.

Most people in the paranormal know what a K2 meter is, but if you don’t;

For years, paranormal investigators have used EMF detectors. EMF (electro-magnetic field), explained in simple terms is a field that is produced by an electrically charged object and causes variables in the behaviour of charged objects nearby. Popular devices for measuring this field such at the Tri-Field meter, help determine the mathematical equations that go into determining the size, force, and structure of the field.

All of the previous electro-magnetic field detectors use a HALL EFFECT SENSOR which is used to measure the voltage output caused by changes in the electro-magnetic field.

The K2 does NOT use the traditional HALL EFFECT SENSOR. It instead uses broadband pass technology. It becomes a little more sensitive to the field. At this point it also does something else. It picks up RADIO FREQUENCIES, or RF.

However, is the K2 telling us that there is a ‘spirit’ nearby? The answer is we have no way of knowing! We don’t know for sure that spirits even exist, let alone what they are ‘made’ of. It has even been suggested to me that K2’s have only been used in Ghost Hunting because they had ‘flashy lights which look good on camera’ when a certain popular TV show was being made….

My argument was, then, is the K2 of any more use than an Ouija board? I have seen people with K2’s literally strapped to them, wandering around derelict buildings and squealing with delight when they flash and beep – not realising that they could be picking up on electrical equipment, mobile phones which have been left switched on and much more.

Therefore, I would suggest, if you really want to use any equipment, go old school! A voice recorder of some kind, a camera, a video recorder and a pen and pencil are basic kit which are still invaluable. Forget all the bells and whistles – great fun, but they really don’t prove very much!

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor

Sue and Michael Treanor are a husband and wife team who are professional Ghost Hunters and psychic mediums. Both realised their connection from a very early age, and now work together from their spiritual shop, Spiritus, in the old riverside town of Evesham in Worcestershire. Sue and Michael have worked with all of the ‘big name’ mediums including Derek Acorah, Ian Lawman and Brian Shepherd, and were regular guests on The Most Haunted Radio Show on Kerrang Radio when it ran in 2007/8. Sue and Michael have a client base which includes celebrities, famous authors and Lord and Ladies!