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The Hemingway

A piece of history still stands in Key West, Florida; a home that once belonged to one of the most colourful, eccentric yet adventurous authors in history, Ernest Hemingway.

Not only was Ernest Hemingway an author, he was a man who served in World War I, the Spanish Civil War and World War II until he chose to live in both Cuba and eventually Key West, Florida. He was married four times and had three children who were the named John, Patrick and Gregory Hemingway.

As I walked through the same halls in his Key West home as he once did and entered the living room, dining room and bedrooms, I could almost hear the conversations that took place in them. The gatherings of friends and family alike seemed to still echo and resonate throughout this once home, but now museum. As the tour guide helped to fill in the film already playing in my imagination with the eccentric yet tortured soul that Hemingway was, I felt as if I had been transported back in time.

The tour led me out to the back yard of the home where a beautiful grand pool seemed to beckon me to take a swim and cool off from the hot and humid weather that seemed to engulf you outside.

Just beyond the pool was what looked to be a two story garage built separately from the home with stairs that led to a loft just above this structure in where Ernest wrote some of his master pieces on the same typewriter set on his desk? I could just hear the tapping of the keys and the ‘ding’ as the typewriter reminded him to push the scroll to the left so he could continue writing.

It is said that neighbours to the Hemingway’s home can sometimes still hear these same keys being tapped away at and the ‘ding’ sounding off. Could it be that even in death Ernest is still being inspired to write about his adventures in the afterlife? Or is this just residual energy left behind by one of our most prolific writers in history? We may never really know!

What I do know is this; he may have tragically committed suicide in a small cabin nestled away in the woods of Ketchum with one of his favourite shotguns but this doesn’t mean that in his tragic last days he would forever be trapped within the walls of that cabin.

Maybe his spirit chose to pay a visit to the one place on earth where he was at one time most happy, Key West. Still swimming in his pool or sleeping in his bed. Maybe he still wants to write his next great story of who he’s met in the spirit world! I can just see him making his moves on Marilyn Monroe and asking if he may buy her a drink. Oh the tales he could tell us now!

In closing, I choose not to look at how tragically Ernest Hemingway died but rather in how he insisted in living his life; the only way he knew how. The Hemingway!

Rich Valdes

Rich Valdes

Rich Valdes has been a paranormal investigator for well over twenty years. He’s been mentioned in the books “Ghost Hunters of the South and State by State” He’s Lead investigator for his own team out of South Florida the Paranormal Consulting Agency, Administrator for Bishop James Long’s team the Paranormal Clergy, Investigator and Florida rep for John Zaffis’s team PRSNE and Host of his own radio show “Greetings from Beyond Radio”