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The mystery of Utsuro-bune UFO

The mystery of Utsuro-bune

Utsuro-bunae translates as “Hollow ship” and this most fascinating legend dates back to 1803, relatively close in the sands of time. Tracing its origins to the northern beaches of what is now modern day Tokyo. A large disc shaped vessel washed up upon the shore. There is descriptions of the ‘ship’ having a layer of red paint on the upper side as well as what we call windows to see into the vessel. When the local people investigated inside; they found inside a young, beautiful woman. She didn’t speak in a language that the Japanese people could readily identify, there were written inscriptions inside the craft that they couldn’t understand (possibly the same language) and large inscriptions on the outside of the vessel, and she was clutching a golden box that she wouldn’t let anyone else touch. The woman lived into her old age with peoples of Japan.

utsurobune' Credited to the original artist, Kyokutei Bakin (1825).
‘Utsurobune’ Credited to the original artist, Kyokutei Bakin (1825).

In Japan there is a practise, where widowed lovers kept the head of their deceased partner in a box, that they took everywhere. However, the box this woman clutched was a little bit different from the ones traditionally used for that. The legend of the ‘Utsuro-bunae’ or ‘Hollow Ship’, This legend has puzzled historians and researchers for a century or so since it occurred, is there indeed a possibility that it came from the area of the submerged megalith structure the Yoneguni monument nearby? Five different pictures of this craft have survived in different areas of Japan, and they all depict the hollow, disc shaped craft and the same story associated with it.

Kristian Lander

Kristian Lander

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